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Best ATV riding boots Reviews & Buying Guide

If you are looking for a pair of ATV Riding Boots that are comfortable, durable, and affordable. However, It is a matter of sorrow that there has no exact product or buying guide. That’s why, After much research, our experts have found some products. In this article, we will talk about the best ATV riding boots. Keep reading…

Are you looking for riding boots for ATV?

Nowadays, people love to ride their bikes on roads as well as in off-road areas. But when it comes to ATVs, they prefer to go out into the wilds where there are rocks, trees, bushes, etc. So if you want to enjoy your time with your friends then you should buy an ATV boot which can protect your feet from getting hurt while driving. There are many types of ATV boots available in the market but not all of them are good enough to use.

Top 9 ATV riding boots reviews

Here we will provide some ATV riding boots, you can choose them if they meet your requirements.

Maverick ATV riding boots for men, women, and children alike

The maverick boot is one of the top boots in today’s market. It has an articulated rear ankle that allows for easy break-in yet remains supportive. Besides, the leather upper provides comfort while the mesh lining keeps feet dry during long rides. This boot has also the ability to remove EVA footbed so that keep their feet warm on cold days.

A padded collar is used to protect against damage from rocks and other debris. There is even a reflective logo patch on the tongue so riders can be seen by motorists when visibility is poor. This boot is designed with a soft microfiber liner which makes it very breathable. The synthetic sole offers great traction as well as durability. Overall, you can undoubtedly choose it for ATV riding.

 Features of Maverick ATV riding boot

  • There is the rubber sole
  • Articulated rear ankle included
  • It has adjustable quick-lock buckles
  • 3D molded plastic shin included
  •  Also includes modern molded sold that is durable and lightweight


This boot protects the engine and exhaust

The variety of features ensure that keep the rider’s feet protected and safe

They are stylish than the other boots

Amazon top-rated seller

Some of the buyers say that “The straps are fully adjustable”

It provides great value for money

Almost 90% of people satisfied with this boot

Available in different sizes and colors


O’Neal Element ATV riding boots men

Neal element boot is another great product for ATV riding. It’s most preferable for quality and protection. The quality of this boot is the same as a first-class racing boot. The sole of the toe is protected by a metal toe guard.

This boot offers excellent support and stability and comfort when you ride. Moreover, this boot has waterproof and highly resistant to abrasion features. This boot also includes an air mesh interior, generous heel support.

Many new riders and beginners will initially feel vulnerable about buying a boot, but once you wear the boot on your feet, you will consider this Neal Element boot to be the best purchase.

Features of Neal Element ATV riding boot

  • Imported
  • There is a mesh line
  • Including Metal toe guard
  •  Injection-molded plastic plates included
  • Air mesh interior
  • Snap-Lock adjustable four buckle closure system


Easy to operate

It can protect the sole

cushioned insole ensures extra comfort

you can trust after 40 plus years of racing and compete in the sport.

It ensures protection whenever you ride


Ensures ankle protection


Some users think that the toe area is a little thick

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O’Neal ATV waterproof mud riding boots

If you want to buy O’neal ATV Mud Riding Boots then you should know what they offer. They provide good protection and safety for your feet. These boots are ideal for those who love to go off-roading or just enjoy exploring nature trails. You can use these boots for both dirt bikes and quad bikes.

When you first look at this boot, you will notice that it looks like same as the previous boot. Besides, there are the same features as the previous boot. But some extra benefit it has that won’t have the previous boot. Let’s look at the benefits:

Amazon top seller product

It has cushioned Insole that provides extra comfort

Available different sizes

Best for mud riding

Waterproof feature

Keep the feet safe

Maverick youth ATV riding boots

If you want to buy a good pair of boots for ATVs then maverick youth ATV boots should be one of them. They will provide all the necessary safety measures while riding. These boots include many useful features such as shock-absorbing technology, anti-slip design, and high-performance outsole.

These boots offer superior grip and traction. You don’t need any special training or skills to use these boots because they come with easy instructions. Also, they are available in various colors so you can choose according to your preference.

These boots are designed specifically for kids who love playing around with their bikes. So if you are looking forward to getting something more comfortable and protective for your kid, Maverick youth ATV boots would be a perfect choice.

Features of Maverick Youth ATV Riding Boots

Shock Absorbing Technology

Anti Slip Design

High-Performance Outsole

Comes with Easy Instructions

Various Colors Available


Comfortable features


Good Grip And Traction


Perfect for youth

Different Sizes Available


They are not Waterproof

You Need To Wear A Helmet While Using these boot

Teen 3 COMP 3Y fox ATV riding boots

One thing that makes Fox Racing Shox boots stand apart from other brands is their quality construction. It comes with a durable rubber outsole which gives maximum traction and durability. The footbed helps to keep your feet warm during cold weather conditions.

The upper material used here is lightweight and breathable which keeps moisture away from your skin. The ankle collar allows you to move easily without restricting movement. It is suitable for both men and women.

Fox Teen 3 Comp 3y Fox ATV boots are ideal for those people who enjoy riding off-road vehicles and have no experience in using ATV boots. If you are planning to get into the world of adventure sports, this boot is worth considering.

Its unique feature is the dual-density foam padding located under the tongue where it absorbs shocks effectively. This is very helpful for protecting your ankles. Other than this, the boot is equipped with heavy-duty steel shanks that ensure better performance.

Other Features Include :

Outer Material – 100% Nylon Mesh Lining – Synthetic Leather Upper/Synthetic Rubber Sole

Upper Material – Polyester Fiber Reinforced Fabric /Nylon Webbing

Lining Material – Cotton Blend Flannel

Sole Material – Molded EVA Foam Insoles

Shank Type – Steel Shank

Height – 15 cm/5.9 inches

Weight – 0.45 kgs


Durable Construction

Great For Off-Road Riders

Easy Installation


Ensure ankle protection


Not Comfortable In Hot Weather Conditions

No Adjustability On Heel Height

O’Neal 0332-104 kids ATV riding boots

This O’neal boot has been specially engineered keeping children’s needs in mind. Its soft leather lining provides comfort and protection against dirt, mud, snow, water, etc. The sole also offers excellent traction on wet surfaces.

It includes an adjustable heel strap along with a removable padded liner. There is also a non-marking toe guard included. All these make sure that your child gets complete safety when he rides his bike.

Also, there is an additional inner shoe sock provided inside the boot. This ensures proper ventilation and prevents sweat build up inside the boot.

Kids always enjoy spending time outdoors especially during the summer season. If you are planning to take your child outside for fun activities, then you must make sure he/she wears proper footwear. So you can undoubtedly choose this boot.

Features of O’Neal 0332-104 kids boot

Including injection molded plastic plates

It has a system to adjust the four-buckle closing system.

Durable Goodyear welt sole included

A metal toe guard is used

Moderate grip sole


Provides good support & stability

Sturdy & Durable


Comfort level may vary depending upon user preference

Black boots for riding ATV | best boot for ATV trail riding

Make your riding safe with a Black ATV riding boot. These boots offer great flexibility as well as good stability due to their stiff soles. They provide maximum support to your legs while giving your feet ample space to breathe and stretch.

These boots include a removable molded foam pad to protect your feet from impact shock. Also, they come with a nylon webbing lacing system in place to help you tighten them securely around your leg.

Key features:

Made from high-quality materials

Adjustable fit through laces

Removable insoles

Strong stitching throughout the uppers

Toe cap protector

Footpad built right into the boot


Flexible and comfortable design

Best for all types of outdoor activity including biking, hiking, or running

Superior Comfort Level

Highly Stiff Sole


Some users say that the boot is a little thin

O’Neal ATV riding boots women

The O’Neals Women’s ATV Riding Boots have a durable rubber outsole that gives it enough traction over various terrains. It comes with a flexible polyurethane midfoot cage which helps to keep your foot steady even if you are wearing heavy outerwear.

They feature a laceless upper construction with reinforced seams and side zipper closure. A padded collar provides extra comfort while walking. You will find the boot size 6 available in both men’s and women’s sizes ranging between 4.5″ – 8″. However, if you want to buy a larger one, you need to go for 7″ instead.

Also, these boots have a molded EVA foam pad insert within the boot itself. It absorbs shocks coming from rocks, trees branches, and other rough objects.


Laceless Upper Construction

Padded Collar

Moulded EVA Foam Pad Insert

Sole Material – Rubber

Waterproof lining


It has cushioned Insole that provides extra comfort

Available different sizes

Best for women


Waterproof feature

Keep the feet safe


Too stiff

Mini Maverik cheap ATV riding boots | Best waterproof ATV riding boots

If you love going on long rides, then you should consider buying yourself some waterproof ATV riding boots. The Mini Mavs by Maverick is made using premium quality leather material. They also have a water-resistant coating applied to their outsoles. Hence, no matter what kind of weather conditions you encounter, you won’t be worried about getting wet.

This pair of boots includes a soft neoprene liner that keeps your feet warm when exposed to cold temperatures. Moreover, there is an adjustable Velcro strap inside the boot that allows you to adjust the length according to your needs.

You can wear this pair of boots during any type of activity such as cycling, jogging, skiing, etc.

Key Features

Soft Neoprene Liner

Adjustable Velcro Lining System

Water-Resistant Coating


Easy to put on/take off

Good value for money


Give support for ankles and shins when riding dirtbikes


Little expensive boot

Best ATV riding boots buying guide

When it comes to buying boots for ATV riding, there are few things to keep in mind. At this time, we will provide an ATV riding boots buying guide. You should know what features you need before purchasing any ATV boots. So the features are given below:

 Size: When choosing ATV boots, size matters! Make sure that they fit properly. They should be comfortable enough so that you don’t feel pain while wearing them. Also, if possible try them on first before making a purchase decision.

 Comfort: A good pair of ATV boots should offer great comfort. These boots should not cause discomfort or pressure points. It should be easy to wear around all day long without feeling soreness.

Protection: ATV riders usually spend most of their time on rough terrain. As such, they need boots that provide adequate protection. Try to look for boots manufactured from durable materials like rubber, polyurethane, nylon, and others. Your feet should never come in direct contact with rocks or other sharp objects. Always check whether the material of the boots includes anti-slip properties.

Durable construction: Look out for quality workmanship. Check how well glued seams are done. Is the stitching strong enough to last many years? Is the zipper easily accessible? Do the zippers close tightly? Does the boot have padding to protect your foot? How does the boot feel after several uses? Answers to these questions would help you decide whether to buy a particular product or not.

Style: Some people prefer boots made using different types of fabrics. However, some may find synthetic material too hot. In that case, consider buying boots made using natural fibers like cotton, woolen, suede, and others. Natural fiber makes the boot cooler than its counterparts.

Frequently asked and questions (FAQ)

What size should my boot be?

You will want to measure around your ankle with an insole on top of your foot. If this measurement is between 8″ – 10″, then order up one size from your normal shoe size. For example, if you wear a 9 1/2 Men’s Shoe Size, go ahead and get a 9 3/4 or 10 Men’s Boot Size. This way you won’t need to return anything.

How do I know which color fits me best?

We recommend ordering two pairs of each style and color. Once you receive both pairs, take measurements as described above. Then compare those numbers against the sizing chart below. It may help to use a tape measure instead of measuring by hand.

Which boots are the best for ATV riding?

The Best Atv Riding Boots are made using high-quality materials such as leather, nylon, mesh, etc. These types of materials provide comfort and durability. Also, most companies offer lifetime warranties on their product. So, if something happens to your boots during their lifetime, just send them back and they will replace the boots free of charge.

 Why do you need mud boots while riding ATV?

Mud boots protect your legs from getting wet and muddy. When you ride off-road vehicles like ATVs, you might encounter different kinds of terrain where water could easily penetrate through your shoes. Mud boots keep your feet dry and protected.

What makes a good ATV riding boot?

Many things make good ATV riding boots. The first thing is its design. A well-designed boot provides maximum protection without compromising mobility. The second important factor is the material used to manufacture the boot.


ATVs can make a lot of fun when used for recreation purposes. If you’re looking forward to spending more time offroad, then you must need high-quality ATV boots. These boots will ensure proper safety and provide much-needed support to your feet. We hope our reviews helped you understand which products meet your requirements.

If you have any other queries regarding the ATV boots, then feel free to ask us. Our customer service representatives are always ready to answer your questions.

Happy riding!

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